Friday, August 6, 2010

A Family Affair

This is a photo of the cake and cupcakes that were made for Jeff & Veronica's baby shower (Justin's brother and our sister-in-law). Chocolate, italian cream, & red velvet cupcakes were topped with different color variations of buttercream and dusted with edible glitter. Decorative circles were cut from fondant, painted, then piped with letters and set atop some of the cupcakes. 

Every event in the Chavez family is a big one! We go "all out" as they say. This time was no different. We baked over 200 mini and regular sized cupcakes, plus I created a mini replica of the monkey that was featured on the invitations.

It was a true labor of love. Jessica Chavez, Veronica Chavez, myself, Elena Wood, and my mom all pitched in to create this spectacular set-up. Jessica's boyfriend and my husband even got stuck with dish duty sometime around 3am. That's right, our heads didn't meet a pillow until 4! Whew. 

That's what family is for. :)


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