Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cherry recipe makes the cut

On Wednesday night, my husband and I headed to Roswell for a business trip. Not a cupcake business trip, but one for my "8-5". I have an aunt and uncle who live up there, so we bunked with them for the night.

Soon after we arrived, they took us on a quick tour of the town...quick because it's really small ;)

Anyway, Norma & Toby, my aunt and uncle, plus cousins Neira and Mimi took us to one of the gas stations that they own, which is probably the cleanest in town! I was amazed at how much variety they had. Everything you could think of, plus the best burrito's from NM Burrito Company. I remember Toby showing us these "Pickle pops" and I couldn't help but laugh. It's basically a pickle lollipop, but soaked in pickle juice - YUCK. He said, "they're not selling." Would you buy one?

So, I got my work done early Thursday morning, then we all visited the UFO museum. It was worth the $5. If you really want to learn about the events that occured in that Roswell field in 1946 you have to stay in the museum for quite some time. The museum consists of a bunch of testimonials, newspaper clippings and other framed pieces that give you the 'facts' as they know them and allows you to make up your mind. Then at the end, you're greeted by props from one of the movies based on the crash. I can't remember the name of the movie. Oh, and the cutesy little gift shop that is typical of a museum, it was very underpriced. I purchased a 36" plastic alien for $3.50. It was a souvenir for my brother. He got it tonight, by the way, and was totally enthralled with it.

What does this have to do with cupcakes? I know...getting there I promise.

As we made the 3 hour drive back to Las Cruces, my husband and I decided to visit the shops in Ruidoso for a bit. We grabbed a pizza, some sweets, and a butter pecan ice cream for me. On the road again. Last stop - Tularosa, Eagle Ranch, where the Dugger's went. My husband was on a mission to get a big bag of pistachios for my father-in-law. He got them, along with a box of baklava, a bottle of red wine, the cutest cupcake necklace ever, a bottle of green chile spices, and a bottle of cherry cider from Carizozo, NM.

One sip was all it took! I couldn't wait to put some of that delicious cherry cider in an after dark cupcake. I created a recipe this evening to incorporate not only the cherry cider, but chunks of cherries inside the batter. My parents and my brother came by while I was testing this new recipe that I had just dreamed up. In the middle of all the talking, I forgot to add the flour! So, the first batch was completely ruined, but the next produced the best looking and tasting little cherry cupcake. It's so moist and the cherry chucks just burst of flavor in your mouth. Can you just smell the aroma? This is definitely going to be an after dark recipe.

So, I need your help. What should I name this cupcake?
I'd love to hear your feedback. If your suggestion is chosen, I will not only post your photo on my blog, but when I start my business, you will get a dozen of these 'to be named' delights free of charge :) Email me:

See you after dark - goodnight!


  1. Mom had an idea to name the cupcake: Cherry Blossom Special!

    I had a different name!!!! Sweet Sensation :) it was very yummy and can't wait to see what other Cupcakes you come up with.. Always remeber I'm just a phone call away!!!!!! :)

  2. The first thing that I thought was: In Cider Mind

    I think it's a fun play on words:)