Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Food Safety Training? Check.

I'm one step closer to starting this business.

Today, I took a food safety training course at the New Mexico Environment Department. A charming gal by the name of Marci taught the course; also an inspector from what I understand. I wasn't bored the entire time. Now, I don't know if that stemmed from my excitement or genuine interest; probably both. We were shown examples of 'no no's' from other restaurants and some of the mistakes were just so silly. The photos reminded me of the occassional email forward that shows all these dumb things not to do. I guess we can all learn from each others mistakes!

It's amazing how many "aha" moments you can have in a 3 hour session. I learned about biological, chemical, and physical hazards that can occur in food processing, but most importantly, I now know how to avoid them. I also have a new working knowledge of bacterias, how they grow, where, what risk factors increase growth and so on.

Have you ever felt like you had food poisoning? Did you blame it on the last thing you ate? Most people do. Food poisoning can actually take up to 5 days to surface! Some viruses, like Hepatitis A, may not make even make you sick for 10 to....50 days! Wow.

So, what's next for this hobby decorator turned soon to be business owner? Well, I need a plumber. There are some modifications that must be done to my 2-compartment sink followed by the addition of a hand-washing only sink, work which appears to require cutting my living room wall open! Shoot.

Then, I can submit the application and be one step closer to becoming your go-to cupcake dealer!
I have opportunities coming up for some of you lucky ducks to try my recipes before anyone else, so stay tuned.

See you after dark ~

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  1. Sometimes food poisoning does happen and if you are not trained on inspecting the food that you serve, then that could be really dangerous. It is really awesome that there are now programs for people to train like that of for food safety training. It keeps people well informed about how to handle food the right well and with this, the safety and enjoyment in places like the restaurants will be better.